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Who Is Adam Snare

My name is Adam Snare and I am a salon owner and business coach. Here’s my story…

I grew up in a hairdressing family, with my father owning numerous salons, sometimes one at a time and at other times as many as 5 salons. I saw how his approach – and many like him, then and since – focussed on hairdressing, pleasing the client and how being busy equated to ‘success’ in his mind. I also saw how stressed, tired and unfulfilled he was. He earned very little money and lost control over his businesses every time he tried to grow and get bigger. He was a great hairdresser but didn’t have business skills. He should have remained a stylist not a salon owner.

After school I went into London to be an apprentice and focussed on becoming a good stylist. Soon after I joined my father’s business and we opened a second family salon. I followed the traditional business model and became what I thought being a successful salon owner was all about; fully booked, making a small wage after everyone else was paid and getting increasingly unfulfilled, but not realising why. I thought owning a business and being busy was all it was about.

I couldn’t attract or keep great staff and I was getting more and more frustrated with why I couldn’t get my team to do as I wanted. Over the years I became slowly aware that something must be wrong with how I was doing things. I could see that what I was doing wasn’t working, but equally I could see that other businesses and salon owners were living the the kind of life I thought I’d love to live. I just couldn’t seem to make it work.

For years I kept up the image of being a successful salon owner – doing and behaving as I thought other people expected of me. I even kidded myself I was successful.

But then I started to really look at myself and my business – if that’s what it could be called. I really had 6 jobs in a shop that I rented, worked twice as hard as all the other staff and earned less money.

Things had to change:

I wanted time to enjoy life, to choose how my life and business developed, I wanted to build a great team of people around me who I could help achieve their own dreams. I wanted a business and life to be proud of.

The fact was I had chosen a life that was making me unhappy.

I was stressed, going no-where and unhealthy - boozing too much and spending too much just to kid myself I was winning. I realised that I could do the ‘hair’ but I couldn’t do the ‘business’.

I decided I would learn how to do the ‘business’ and I’d get good at it.

Fast forward a few years and I got myself some business education.

I developed my own business system and methodology based on the best techniques I learned from some of the most successful independent salon owners, business schools and educators in the country, in addition to what I truly believed was important and turned my life and business around.

I invested in my business education for years, attending courses, reading hundreds of books, I took a masters’ degree and hired coaches. I realised I could create the freedom I wanted and have the business to support that freedom.

Most importantly I saw that ‘I’ – the uneducated, figure hating, disorganised, average hairdresser - could be, do and have anything I wanted in life and business.

Gone were the days of feeling held hostage by my team and clients; gone were the days of dreading meeting the bank manager and opening the mail.

I took back control of my business. I took back control of my life.

It was simple – not easy – and the main changes I needed to make were with ‘me’ and the way I ‘thought’.

While growing my business I taught other salon owners what I did. Hundreds of them.

The system I use to run my salon is easy to learn and implement, you just need the belief, desire and determination to get what you deserve. A life of freedom and happiness.

And now that’s what I do – I help salon owners get happy, make money and live with freedom.

Adam Snare - The Salon Freedom Coach

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