Can’t Afford A Receptionist? Can You Afford Not To?

Can’t Afford A Receptionist? Can You Afford Not To?

For a long time I didn’t have receptionist. It was ok for me and the team to break away from clients to answer the phone. The phone that did’t stop ringing. It was OK to keep clients waiting as we made appointments, advised on retail and took bills. It was all OK.

Until I realised that it was not OK.

I now have a reception team. But I started with just one receptionist to answer the phone and make appointments.

Emma, who runs the reception (amongst many other things) handles 95% of what goes on.

Sometimes we worry about the small things and what’s directly in front of us, but fail to see the opportunities that lay ahead.

Emma is also the salon manager at Carley Hill – my salon in Suffolk. She is such an asset it would take hours to describe all that she does, the great ideas that she comes up with and executes. The value that she brings to me, the team, clients and the business is huge.

Emma started as a receptionist. Well, THE receptionist.

There was a time that I wondered if I could afford the luxury of a receptionist. Now I know that I CAN’T afford not to have one.

If you don’t have at least part-time reception support, I encourage you to think about it.

A good receptionist will make you, save you, grow you so much more than they cost – you won’t believe it.

Just a couple of things she does:

Emma’s team call all big colour appointments to manage possible no-shows. This saves us at least 3 technical bills each week. £000’s saved.

Emma’s team answer all calls expertly – optimising the appointment book. If you accept that 80% of appointments are made by phone (average salons), then without a dedicated reception team answering calls – it’s entirely possible that you miss 10% – if you’re breaking away from clients to get the phone. If you handle 100 clients a week, that equates to 8 appointments missed (it’s no good saying they’ll call back, because all we do is sell ‘time’ and once it’s gone it’s gone). 8 X average bill of £30 = £240 lost cash each week. Likely this will be much higher.

Add these two together and your receptionist could easily make a difference of £500+ to even a small salon each week – with these things alone. £25k a year.

That doesn’t take into account the other things they do…

•Manage staff holidays – saves money
•Cash up – saves you time
•Take bills – saves you time
•Rebook – makes money
•Sell retail – makes money
•Handle stock – saves money
•Deal with reps – saves you time
•Change displays – makes money
•Send financial data when you’re away – makes you happy
•Keep an eye on things while you’re not there – makes you happy and makes money
•Reschedule apts when staff are sick – saves you time and stress
•Optimise apt book- makes you BIG money
•Client feedback on service – makes you money…etc etc.

… basically making your life as a salon owner so much sweeter!! Taking responsibility from your shoulders. Ensuring the important things get done properly and consistently.

This is ‘Freedom’.

See how easily it can happen with a change of mind-set?

Do the sums and consider getting yourself some reception support. Even if it’s just on you busiest mornings/days. (Try it for a fixed period of say, 3 months – so you’re not committed to permanent employment.)

Just realise this – you CANNOT have Emma.

Peace and Love X

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