Confused about what to do? Its not surprising…

The answer to the big question. The answer to all business confusion…


The more I speak to salon owners the more a particular problem comes up.

“What do I do…?

…I’ve been on marketing courses

I’ve been on new technique courses

I’ve been on management courses

…team meeting courses

…read about client retention

…read about finances

…reward schemes, membership schemes…

BUT, I never seem to get ahead. I’m trying so hard but always seem stuck. I’m so confused. I don’t know where to turn.

What do I do?”


Here is the answer…

Turn off the tv. The internet. Your email. Don’t read the trade magazines.

Get back to ‘you’. You are the only one who matters at this point. It’s not selfish. It’s right.

Where do you want to go?

What do you want to do?

What does your perfect business look like?



You see, any journey is a confusing nightmare if you have no destination. Without a destination you can’t plan a route. You don’t know how to get there. You don’t know why you’re going anywhere – or doing anything.

In fact, what’s the point of it all if you don’t know where you’re heading?


Get clear on your destination and the rest becomes simple. And the rewards soon follow.

How does ‘simple’ sound to you?


Check out the video here;

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