Don’t Sell Your Apples Too Cheap…

Don’t Sell Your Apples Too Cheap…

“How do You like Them Apples?”

We talk about this all the time in my salon. It’s a quote that identifies the need to be able to value your own services.

To be able to value your own worth.

To be able to separate your services away from what else is being offered by your competition – down the road and also within your salon.

Once you are established and busy you need to be able to accurately define your value in the market place and attach a unique value to what you do.

Do this using data and not drama.

Use figures (data) and don’t rely on emotion (drama) when making business decisions.

In our case it’s not about particular services it’s about the value of your time. If you are more than 80% busy and most of those clients ask for you by name, while paying full price (non-discounted) then you are ready to raise your prices. (This relates to individual stylists/income producers)

Your apples are now of such quality that you cannot provide enough of them to meet the demand at that price. Demand is outstripping supply. The market is speaking to you.

Realise the value of what you’re offering and put up your prices.

•This ensures that YOU get paid what you are worth.

•Your business remains secure for all who depend on it for their security.

•Your team are recognised and rewarded for their contribution and success.

•Your clients realise the value they are receiving.

Don’t wait for others to put their prices up before you do. Realise YOUR OWN value.

“Don’t Sell Your Apples Too Cheap”.

Get what you are worth.

Adam X

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P.S. If you are not this busy you need to concentrate on improving the quality and value of service to your clients. Either way, by monitoring your data, you know what to do to grow and strengthen your business. It’s all good 🙂

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