Hairdressers…What amazing people! I love hairdressers ๐Ÿ˜˜

Hairdressers…What amazing people! I love hairdressers ๐Ÿ˜˜

I don’t know a more happy, giving, creative and kind bunch than hairdressers and salon owners. We all give so much of ourselves to our clients, team mates and the industry – it’s no wonder why we are one of the happiest industries out there.

We LOVE making our clients happy – and that will never change.


There is one thing though I passionately hate about this industry – and that is the generally accepted poor working conditions and rewards that we accept for ourselves, year after year – the world over.

Hairdressers aren’t valued as we should be.

Many salon owners/salon businesses don’t earn what they could.

We run businesses that don’t make enough money and salon owners are often the last to be paid.

In my opinion it’s TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.


…WE have to take responsibility by truly valuing ourselves FIRST…and many of us simply don’t.


We’ve been taught the story that we shouldn’t charge what we are worth, that we can’t raise our prices, that we have to say yes to clients and work all hours…

…that hairdressers do it for the love, the art, the acclaim…

(Of course we get what we are worth and so MUST give amazing service and value to our clients.)

But I don’t buy that story. It belongs to someone else. Not me.

Not you either, if you choose not to live that story.

Look around – the proof is there. There are 10% of salons and hairdressers that are truly valued, by themselves and their clients. And they are rewarded accordingly. Money, time, security and abundance in all areas of life.

And so they should.

I want to move EVERY SINGLE salon that is struggling (60% of all UK salon businesses) out of that THREAT and into THRIVE mode.

I want all salons that do OK to totally smash it – live amazing lives and get what they deserve out of life and this industry.

It’s there to be taken – by YOU – if you decide you want it. That you deserve more.

That you are worth more.

Let’s change the story – together.


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