How Do You Feel When You Wake Up?

How do you feel each day when you wake up?

I mean really ‘feel’..

Do you recognise this…fear and anxiety with that feeling in the pit of your stomach? The butterflies?

That something is just ‘not right’?

Are you struggling to do what you know you should? Feeling guilty? Just not feeling good…

There’s a good chance it’s because of this…

Fear and Comparison

One of the biggest problems we face – and it affects many of us at some level – is “fear and comparison”.

Fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of success fear, fear, fear…

Comparing ourselves to other people, to our parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, celebrities and ultimately the mythical and totally unreal standard that society and the media push upon us.

It can affect all of us, and can be totally debilitating.

It can among other things hold back any success you experience in business and even destroy your chances of success – and ultimately- happiness.

Because you are afraid to be you.


I think we have lost touch with ourselves trying to be what we ‘think’ we should be, when all and anything we should be is ourselves. We can try to be the best we can be – but for us, no-one else.

You are amazing and have everything you need to be happy and successful. You just need to find it.

We need to listen to ourselves again. If you feel fear, lean into it. Explore it, sit in it until you know what and more importantly why, you feel as you do. It’s your mind and body talking to you. Listen. It’s keeping you safe where you are, but it’s keeping you stuck. If you feel discomfort in any way – treat it as an area that needs exploring.

By staying where you are Is it saving you or sacrificing your success and growth? Once you know, you can decide what to do with that information.

BE courageous. It’s ok to feel afraid.

Is there a conversation you need to have? A situation you need to face?

Do it.

The simple act of taking ‘action’ – for you – will feel amazing.


If we are concerning ourselves speculating what other people will think of us we are wasting our time, energy and lives. There’s only one of you and millions of potential others to keep happy. Keeping the others happy – you won’t do it. You’ll be useless at it. But making yourself happy – that you can do. That you should do. Then you become powerful and motivated and contributory. And then you can affect many other people with your own magic.

You first. Always you first.

It’s the same in your business. BE you. DO what you want and communicate what you want. Your truth. Accept that on the road to being the best ‘you’, that you will get things wrong. That’s good. You will upset other people. That’s good. You’ll accept where you can improve and you’ll make the adjustments and grow. You’ll say sorry and move on. You will leave people behind. That’s good – set them free, they have their own journey.

And get to know you again.

Trust yourself. Love yourself.

And realise that ‘perfect’ doesn’t exist. Don’t wait for ‘perfect’ to come along. Make your own imperfect moves with your own imperfect self and then realise that you are everything just as you are – right now.

That’s when you’ll HAVE what you want.


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