I Don’t Want To Offend Anyone…(A little bad language here)

I don’t want to offend anyone – ever actually, if I had a choice.

But I don’t want to offend myself even more.


I spent years, decades even trying not to upset anyone who I thought would have an opinion on me.

What I’ve realised over the last few years is that a watered down version of yourself, aiming to please everyone else is a total waste of time.

You see when you’re looking to please everyone else, you don’t really. This is because when you’re not telling the truth (and that’s what it is), you’re not showing up as yourself. If you’re not showing up as yourself then you aren’t giving value as yourself. And that’s what we all need to do to create value in the world.

Not just in business but in our families, relationships or communities. In our contributions and interactions all around. If we aren’t giving value then we are kind of irrelevant in the big scheme of things. We are just being non-confrontational, bland, whatever you call just being ‘nothing’.

You’ll stand the chance of making no difference and being forgettable. Are you really made for choosing to be forgettable? Fuck that. You’re not.

I wouldn’t even mind being forgettable for being myself, but being forgettable for trying to be something your not?

I don’t always get it right and you’re only human if you slip back into old habits occasionally. But it’s about the growth, the journey.

Be the lighthouse not the tug boat. Have the courage to shine the light from YOU from a position of strength and power of belief.

Running about trying to help and please everyone else but killing yourself…not valuing yourself?

Well, fuck that too.

Ask yourself …’Am I showing up as my true self?’ If the answer is no, I challenge you to commit to being your true self – just for a morning.

You’ll be amazed at how difficult it is after years of not knowing yourself (perhaps), but also how amazing it feels to be authentic. It’s like setting yourself free. You’ll start to trust yourself and you’ll hear your heart speaking to you as it was meant to. It shows things as they are supposed to be. Flow. Energy. It’s just…right.

You’ll also start to naturally make the right decisions – with your family, friends, team and even enemies. This makes life so much simpler and happier.

You take the drama out and use data (truth) to move through life.

Be memorable for being you. Make no apologies for being you and see what happens. You’ll be blown away.

The ‪#‎truth‬ sets you free. The one person you should never offend is YOU.

Peace and Love

Adam X

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