Marketing Is A Waste Of Money…

Marketing Is a Waste of Money…

We get wrapped up in what we ‘think’ we should be doing in business, or in fact its often more like what ‘other people tell us’ we should be doing.

While we are busy working in our business we get hit from all sides with info and opinions on what we should be doing to grow our businesses.

Most of the time this is based around what we should be doing to get more clients – as if that is the answer to all our problems. Most of the time this advice comes from people with no right to be giving advice, or people who are selling what they are advising us to buy.

See the problem here?

Many salon owners think that they need more clients. They don’t.

Many salon owners think that they should be spending money on marketing, social media, PR and advertising to get more clients. They shouldn’t.

That may sound odd coming from someone who helps salon owners grow their businesses, but stick with me here – I make a lot of sense, trust me.

I talk about vision, culture, self-development and those ‘soft’ aspects of business much more than any other coaches I know. In fact I don’t know of any others who do. I really don’t care what other people are saying because this is my way. Its my vision and I believe in it. It works for me and has proved itself over and over again.

I hope you pick up from the last paragraph, that I am clear on what I do, why I do it and how it should be done. I have clarity on what I’m offering in my salon. I have certainty.

I only have that clarity because my vision, culture and self belief are in place. From this position it is then possible to build a solid business that will create an authentic offering that has a unique position in our market place. I’m totally sure of that.

Now when I go to market with my ‘product’, I am certain that everything else that supports that product is in place, tried and tested to ensure a consistent and high quality haircut/colour/experience. If you haven’t considered this before, take a moment to think about what supports consistent and high quality delivery your ‘offering/product’;

It’s more than you may think…

…could these things affect the delivery of your product and retention of your clients? –

• A clear and revisited Induction Process – consistency of team knowledge/culture
• A manageable stock control system – maximising profits to support training
• Regular management accounts – maximising profits to support team conditions
• Regular training sessions – to evolve, determine and maintain standards of service
• Regular team meetings – to underline culture, motivate and assist with any challenges
• 121 appraisals – regularly looking to develop personnel individually
• A solid product partnership – to ensure the best support for stylists/clients
• An understood and robust salary structure – sustaining growth while retaining well compensated staff
• Regularly used client feedback system – to determine areas of improvement
• Monitored performance KPI’s – such as client retention for individual stylists
• A strong and well presented retail area – upgraded service/solutions and profits
• Etc., etc. etc.

These are all the things that are needed to get to opening night and putting on a great show; You can’t skip the rehearsals. You can’t skip the theatre. You can’t skip the actors knowing their lines…You get the picture.

What I’m getting at is that without business systems in place based on a clear vision, you can get as many new clients as you like, you’ll likely not keep them.

If you aren’t in a position to totally blow their socks off at the first and every subsequent visit, you’re not only losing money, but you are damaging your reputation in the process.

Still think you need new clients?

If you’re not totally ready to receive new clients, please, PLEASE, do not go chasing new clients.

Get your team trained; make reception and making appointments slick; paint the toilets; get your shampooing right; check your finances and pricing are right; have a system to monitor your existing clients’ satisfaction levels; have the time and flexibility for yourself to put these things into place.

I want you to be super successful. But chart your own course and don’t buy what other people tell you. Realise that you’re in business – and get good at it – and don’t be naïve and think that getting new clients is the answer. Its not.

It’s all the stuff that comes before that’s the answer.

Have fun and remember this –

Many times in life and business, ‘The Problem Is Not The Problem’
Adam X

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