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Things can get confusing when looking at what you need to do to be successful in business and life…

But it’s simpler than you think.

Business is made out to be some kind of magical science that only a few are gifted at, most others are not, and we are sold on the importance of marketing, finance, product placement etc etc.. Its actually not that complex and success comes down more to the people behind the business. Get straight with yourself and the business will be easy.

It comes down to YOU. How you think and what you believe about success, achievement, money, happiness, contribution, relationships. About all of life. Your life.

If you haven’t thought about this before, I use the analogy of our beliefs being the story in which we live. The movie of our lives.

This movie outlines where you live, what you are capable of, deserve, what you do, who is in your life and the richness of the experiences within it. It’s a drama, a tragedy, a love story, comedy, action adventure or an epic. Whatever movie and story you are living.

If it is a drama… guess what you’ll be living – drama. An adventure…? You get the picture.

So what movie are you living, and why are you living that movie? Have you thought about that? Do you even like the story?

Who told you that you have to live this movie? Did you realise that you even have a choice?

Well, you do. And if you don’t like the movie, you have the power to change it. It’s that simple.

Here’s the thing, most of us have the beliefs that support our life stories that came from our perception of things in our childhood - through a child’s eyes, or from what other influencial people have told us is true. Now, their beliefs will have come from their experiences and most likely from someone before them. These are NOT our own.

So these beliefs that we blindly accept, have no relevance to us, or to what we want and can achieve. They may not have even been given to us with our best interests at heart. They are not OUR story, they are someone else’s. We haven’t designed them to suit us, but we live within their limits.

The first step the changing our stories is becoming aware of what these stories are. Just take stock of what works for you and what is true in relation to what you really want for yourself. Once you decide what you want to keep and what needs to go – start re-working the story.

You are in charge of you, no one else. You can write your own movie. You can star in your own movie. It’s up to you whether you are the star or a supporting role.

The moment you take responsibility for your own story, you can create the masterpiece and magic you are capable of. You choose – it’s up to you.

Do you want industry recognition? A chain of salons? A training school, a family you can spend 3 months with over the summer, a body and health to carry you through life’s adventures, £5m turnover a year, a home in the sun? Or simply to be happy?

Whatever it is you want, create the movie that will support that vision, do what you need to do to be the star – and make no apologies. Or you can carry on living someone else’s story…

You’re not cut out to be a supporting actor. Be the star of your movie.

Adam Snare - The Salon Freedom Coach

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