Salon And Team Management Doesn’t Need To Be Hard

Salon and team management really doesn’t need to be hard…

Just take the time to set yourself (and team) up to win.

By making what is expected of all members of your team totally clear (including yourself), and providing the systems, tools and support to help them succeed you’re setting the scene for simple, sustainable and long term success.

This is Super Charlotte.

Charlotte is an over achieving young Stylist who knows her business. Here she is analysing her own figures/data ready to report her own progress in her next 121 with me.

She tells me what’s needed – perhaps more focus, education or more likely – a promotion.

Staff telling you what’s good and what needs work is a cool position to be in.

Managing staff to amazing results with very little stress. Why not?

Mind your own business. It’s not all about the hair.

Adam X

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