Salon Business…10 Strategies That Can Easily Add an Additional £50k to Your Turnover and £10,000’s On Your Profit – THIS YEAR!!

10 Strategies That Can Easily Add an Additional £50k to Your Turnover and £10,000’s On Your Profit – THIS YEAR!!

Growing your business can seem an overwhelming task when you look at the whole thing. But…

…taking bite sized areas and focussing on just a few at any time isn’t overwhelming. You never get everything in business squared away in one hit, and you need to re-visit all areas as you grow anyway.

Imperfect action is the way to go. Just make a start. These areas can will make huge impacts when implemented 🙂

1. Work on rebooking clients before they leave. 6 week apts vs 8 week apts mean 2 extra visits each year. This could mean an extra £20k income from EVERY stylist (based on £50 ave bill)

2. Get a receptionist. Many salons book 80% of apts by phone. Missing just 10% of these can mean 8 apts less per week (based on 100 clients per week salon). On £50 ave bill this alone can mean £400 per week saved. Can’t afford a receptionist?? £20k here.

3. Meet with your team. Clear communication saves misunderstandings and you can set out fun but achievable goals for individuals. We all perform better when we are appreciated and listened to.

4. Review your prices. If you haven’t put up your prices this year – do it! At least 5% here.

5. Retail – reposition your retail shelves to a prominent position and stack those shelves. If you want to optimise profits you got to show some love to retail. Show your clients how important you know this is – and they will believe you. You sell 10% of what you have on your shelves. Want to sell more…stock more. Pay commission on retail sales twice a year – every one likes a nice chunky cheque before summer hols and before Christmas.

6. Stop advertising for the sake of it. Unless you can monitor easily the results of your marketing/advertising either stop or change what you are doing. Specific services or events are worth showcasing but use a track able ‘code’ on the ads so you can see the results. Measure, measure, measure. Base all decisions on facts – not emotions.

7. Professional product costs – these costs directly affect your bottom line. Reduce these costs by training on proper usage – don’t let your product go down the drain. Make sure prices are high enough. Make sure no- one is stealing your salon products to use for ‘at home hairdressing’. Your pro product costs should be no more than 7.5% of professional income. If they are higher than this, you have a problem.

8. Get yourself some time off the floor – Richard Branson didn’t grow Virgin Atlantic by flying a plane full time. You can’t grow your business while cutting full time. You’re a business person – do what a business person does.

9. Schedule a service visit from your plumber/engineer. A day without hot water is a disaster for the clients and your bank account. Perform regular servicing and checks on all essential equipment in the salon. See it as insurance.

10. Don’t be the most important person in your salon. Glass ceilings that your high performing team mates know they cannot break through are a big reason staff leave. Allow your team to grow without limits. Lose the ego!

These easy to implement strategies could quickly add 50k+ to your turnover – THIS YEAR – and put 10,000’s on your profits – THIS YEAR.

What difference would that make to your life?


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