Self Belief Is Where It’s At!

Self Belief is where it’s at ❤️


These messages are all around us…

(These messages are definitely in our industry..)

In our media, the magazines we read, the movies we watch, the conversations we have.

These messages keep us unhappy.

There are plenty of these messages that we don’t question – we just ‘believe’ without question.


You’re too old

You’re too young

You’re too fat

You’re too skinny

You’re not cool enough

You’re not clever enough

You’re not a good enough person

You’re not a good enough hairdresser

You’re not rich enough

It goes on…

Too slow, too fast, too quiet, too chatty, too kind, too mean, to permissive, too judgemental.


All these things keep you stuck, keep you from achieving what you could and being who you should be happy to be.

Many of these messages are designed to make you ‘buy’ solutions…£€$¥

The diet book
The face cream
The new clothes
The newest I-phone
…even some education

They’re designed to take your money, but what they really do is this –

They take your heart – if you let them.

We can feel we ‘need’ these things to be ‘acceptable’. You do not.


What’s left over from these things is a belief that you’re not good enough.

We don’t believe we can communicate with that client in a deep level.

We don’t believe we can change our businesses.

We don’t believe we can understand our finances.

We don’t believe we can step up and move towards our dreams.

We don’t believe we can step out of everyone else’s shadow and deliver ‘more’.

We don’t believe that we have the value to ask for more.

We don’t believe we can truly
be ‘us’.


But look around you…

People ARE doing what you want to do.

There is PROOF everywhere.

Just give yourself permission to BE authentically you.

You are perfect just as you are. Right now.

You need nothing more. Just you.

Just be you and get everything that you want.


Self-Belief is where it’s at. 



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