Special Announcement For Super Serious Salon Owners…

>> Special Announcement for Super Serious Hair Salon Owners <<

Transform Your Business in 2017 – Transform Your Life

Salon Freedom Pilot Club…

You have seen me working, seen me sharing my thoughts, techniques and some of you have even added £00000’s to your businesses from watching my videos.

I think you know that I want you to be hugely successful – what ever huge success is to you.

We have together already made some amazing changes to businesses and lives, to realised potential, to self-belief and happiness, to financial results.


But if we can get these results without really trying, imagine what more is possible for you?

We haven’t even started yet.


Imagine if we put this into a focussed success system. Imagine if you had the structure and support to design your perfect business. Imagine if you courageously explored your personal challenges and beliefs. Imagine if you understood and looked closely at your finances with a proven strategy that tells when you’re right and when you’re wrong. Imagine if you took the time to really look at your dreams and goals. Imagine developing your own Ultimate Client Experience to set you apart from all competition.

But more than that, imagine this…

– Feeling like you are in complete control of your business

– Knowing you have a clear ‘vision’ for where you are going

– Knowing you have clear, respected and solid relationships with your team

– Feeling confident to manage your pricing to create real profits

– Knowing you can meet all bills

– Making solid profits every year

– Enjoying time away from your business for the things that are important to you…your family, your health, your hobbies…

…And still being even more effective as a leader.

Imagine yourself having all these things in your life…and more.


My mission is to transform the hairdressing industry by sharing what I know and have experienced over many years, failures and successes. I want us all to live amazing lives. 

I have been creating a complete business system that could do just that. Showing salon owners a system to give them the power to drive their businesses and live happy lives.

Well, now its almost finished and I need some powerful people to beta-test it.

I’m looking to work with a small number of serious salon owners to pilot a new real time/online system based on my own £500k/2 day on the floor ‘Salon Freedom’ business model. Real life, real experience, proven results. We will add £00000’s to your business. If not £000000’s.


This will ONLY be offered to the right people. If its not a perfect fit it won’t be happening. A maximum of 10 will be in this group.


You’ll need to be ambitious, willing to change, be challenged, be courageous with an open mind to doing things differently – and be completely ready to do whatever it takes to create an amazing business and life for yourself. To move out of your comfort zone.

We will be working to free ourselves from all the restrictions that worrying about what other people think have had on you.

We will be leading and changing our industry.

We will be designing and living successful lives through changing the way we think, act and achieve.

We will be creating Freedom and Happiness.

You will be creating this for yourself.

Here’s how it will go;

* There will be an investment of £2500 (commitment is required)

* There will be a powerful 2 day U.K. based, deep dive, high-level intensive ‘masterclass’ workshop to plan, prepare and design your business. This will include explanations of the mind-set, system, techniques and tools to make immediate and long lasting changes. (value £2000+)

* You will be given lifetime access to the Salon Freedom Project online success system. This is an 8 week modular system of 18 lessons, with videos , workbooks and tools that encompass the complete business model I have developed over 15 years, a complete strategy with absolutely nothing held back. Everything I use you will have. (value £5000+)

* You will take part in weekly group Skype calls during the 8 weeks to support your progress and answer any and all questions that arise while you are implementing the strategies in the system. This system is so comprehensive that there will be at least 2 years worth of material that you will be able to return to as you evolve your thinking, your business and your life.

* You will commit to report back your KRA (key result areas) data to track your progress over a full year. Your feedback on delivery and sequence of information will be invaluable.

* You will be happy share your experience of Salon Freedom so others will benefit from the system.

* You will create the life you dream of.


If you are ready to make serious changes in your life and step into your real potential, then comment below and we can arrange an initial call.


N.B. This transformational pilot is not worth £2500.

For those who do not follow the system this will be a waste of your time and money. Zero value. That is why the selection process will be rigorous.

For those who commit and implement the hugely valuable tools and strategies while developing the winning mindset and skills – this will be worth ‘100 x’ the investment.

Either way it is not worth £2500.

So there is only space for the “100 x individual” here.

If you are one of the “100 x individuals” apply here for the call 


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