VIP Day Testimonial – Are You Just Window Shopping In Life?

Are you just ‘window shopping’ in life?


All the information, knowledge, and ‘I want to…’ this, ‘I’d love that…’ will get you nothing unless to hold yourself accountable and you execute.

On anything in life.

Linda and Becci know this.

They are ordinary people who are willing to do extraordinary things to live amazing lives.

Take a look at the video and read the testimonial of a 121 VIP day that we had last month.

Ladies, you are an inspiration. Thank you x



Testimonial VIP Discovery Day –

‘Adam, both Becci and myself would like to thank you for your patience and encouragement on our recent discovery day.

Before we found you we felt we had lost our way with our salon, and as it was coming up to our 7th anniversary we knew things had to change. We just didn’t know where to start. We needed to know where we were at and how to price our services properly.

What we particularly liked about the day was the tried and tested methods leading us to understand where our business was at, how to work out what our pricing needs to be and the formulas and spreadsheets to keep the business on track, which will aide us in the monitoring and development of our staff. We both just loved learning and discovering how your own mindset effects your business.

We found the day very beneficial not just for the spreadsheets and processes but also being able to spend time thinking and discussing our vision. Initially this was quite difficult and then it became enjoyable. It gave us focus, as well as inspiring us.

The biggest impact to both of us has been the change in our mindset. We now base our decisions on facts with confidence because we have the systems in place to enable us to grow our business, improve our clients salon experience and the environment our staff work in. We have both regained our excitement, fight, passion and belief back in ourselves and our business.

Now to start our new chapter. Very exciting! All thanks to you and your Discovery Day.

So well worth our time. We highly recommend this course for any salon owner that wants to re-focus and go on a voyage of self discovery.

Thanks again x’

Linda E.

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