‘You know change is coming so choose to be ready for it…’

‘You know change is coming so choose to be ready for it…’

I want to help you make salon business as enjoyable, simple and rewarding as you ever dreamed it would be. It can and should be awesome.

I want your experience to be fulfilling and challenging, while you grow from the journey. The experience is everything, and while we want to reach our goals – which are achievable – there will be some ups and downs, some curve balls along the way.

It’s how things work; actually, how things should be. It shouldn’t be easy.

What affects how successfully, how quickly and how smoothly we reach those goals is our acceptance that things do change whether we like it or not and how we will deal with those changes. So follow me here…

• We know things will change.

• Some things we can predict, some we cannot.

• Some we expect, some we do not.

So the only thing that’s for sure is that there WILL BE CHANGE.

There’s the practical side to business then there’s the mental side.

There will be some things that we can be ready for ‘practically’, but plenty we can only be ready for, ‘mentally’.

People over-look the ‘mental’ side of the game.

In a game of endurance, creativity, loss, gain, strategy and nerve (which is what business is) the ‘mental’ game is everything.

I see many salon owners who fail to prepare, even for the practical side of the business – the creation of an amazing client experience, they just expect it to happen; the management of their money coming in and going out, they just expect it to happen; the strategic and planned building of a team that will deliver on the dream, they just expect it to happen.

Very little just happens. You have to make it happen.

These guys struggle continuously, often working really hard but never catching up. They’re reacting and fire-fighting, never ready for the inevitable ‘change’ that is coming.

They struggle and wonder ‘what happened?’.

Then there are some salon owners enjoy decent success because they prepare and respond to business rather than react.

These guys lead their businesses and drive them forward. They think, they plan, they’re organised. These are the salon owners who you see doing ‘well’, growing and having a decent time of it. These are the ‘practical’ thinkers and doers. There aren’t many like this.

But even these guys experience a slow down or even a stall from being hit with the unknown; the unexpected, or just a disappointment that something didn’t go their way, fit into their plans or see coming.

Sometimes these organised people are hit hardest as they think that the ‘planning’ and good intent will secure them from the change or unexpected.

It doesn’t, and it can be real tough.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. With a little mental preparation, you can take things to a whole different level…

…There are a few individuals out there who really thrive.

These are the salon owners who design, execute and live the lives that they dreamt of. These are the elite performers in life. Their ‘practical’ game is strong and they’re organised. But the one thing these people do – that so many others do not – is that they ‘mentally’ prepare for the unexpected.

By practicing this one thing, these people elevate their successes and experience to a level of happiness, flow and high performance to a zone few ever reach.

These people expect change, are ready for it, embrace it even and do not let the unexpected throw them off track.

They roll with the punches and the punches don’t hurt nearly so much. They don’t hurt so much so they aren’t down for so long. They’re up again and moving forward while most others didn’t know what hit them and are licking wounds and wondering ‘why me?’.

It’s not what happens to us that defines us, it’s how we respond to it.

Where do you need to be in business and life?

Prepared, or wondering what happened?

Things only surprise us when we don’t expect them. So don’t be surprised in business. Discipline your disappointments.

Get organised with the practical side of your business, then practice disciplining your disappointments and join the real elite of our industry and life by creating and living the life you dream of. You totally can do this.

Small shifts in your thinking like this can give levels of success others only dream of. Create awesomeness for yourself by getting your ‘mental’ game on point.

Adam X

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