What Are You Afraid Of?

What Are You Afraid Of?


As adults we don’t speak about fear very much – because we feel silly, childish – immature. Face it, it’s true.

Because we are afraid of what people will think. Because we shouldn’t be afraid.

But I’ve not met a single person who isn’t afraid of something. We all are.

Well, the sooner we know ourselves well enough to realise what’s going on and what’s holding us back from reaching our potential – the sooner we can start dealing with it and getting what we really want.

Could you be afraid of what you really want?

Are you afraid of success…

…of failure

…of money


…being healthy

…being valued…being loved?

Will success mean that you leave people behind? Will you feel guilty? Undeserving?

What’s the cost of not achieving what you’re here for?


If you’re not getting all that you want, I bet you are afraid if you look. Really look.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of, but don’t keep on blaming situations, people, jobs or your businesses for where you’re at.

You are entirely responsible for where you are at.

Awareness is everything, and once you are aware you can make moves to get what’s yours. If you’re brave enough.

In your business where can you become aware of a fear that’s holding you back?

In your dealings with your team, your clients, your bank, your partners? Yourself?

Be brave, realise what you want and go through the fear. It will disappear.

Just like the monster under the bed.

You are in control of your business – no one else. So man the fuck-up and get it and your life how you want it.

Adam X

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