You Need A Mentor


– An experienced and trusted advisor.

Do you have someone who gives you valuable advice when you need it? 

Someone you can rely on to tell you what you need to hear – not necessarily what you want to hear?

Have you ‘chosen’ someone to influence you this way? Because this is what we talk about when we seek or look for, or take advice.

A mentor.

A positive and purposeful influence for a particular area of your life.

It’s a good question…because those we take advice from wield tremendous power in our lives. Consciously or otherwise.

Have you thought about this?

Is it a question that you have asked yourself?

“Where you take your advice from?”

Most of us aren’t aware that we have strong influencers in our lives. And we have had since day one.


The thing about most of these influences is that often we didn’t ask for the advice, it wasn’t given to suit us now, and sometimes it could have even been given with the purpose of holding us back at best – or worse.

Think about who you took your advice from…who helped you form your beliefs about life, business, relationships – and your own value and potential…

Here are a few examples;

Family/parents – we accept what these people say often without question, but many times, the advice we get is to keep us safe (they love/care about us), and stops us from being courageous.

Teachers/school – these people (in my opinion) are forced/choose to work in a system that promotes ‘self-worth’ in their own image. You’re valuable if you behave the way they say, learn the way they say, achieve what they say, go on to work in an industry they value, think the way they think. If you do not do this – or fit in – you are often made to feel valueless, less, unable and undeserving. I was and I see it every year.

Friends/colleagues- some are amazing (we know that), but many see you as competition and hold you back, belittle your ideas and want to feel comfortable around you – so want you to stay the same.

Bosses – unless you had an enlightened employer and working environment many of these situations can be restrictive, fearful and controlling. Were they even successful? Did you learn anything you’d want to replicate? Hmm…

I could go on. But think about it.

Are any of these people totally ideal for your source of advice, accountability and specialised direction? Think about who has ‘your ear’.

They might be of course. But there’s a huge chance they’re aren’t doing you any favours when it comes to the important areas of your life that you are looking to develop and learn in.

Where you get your advice from is so important.


In so many areas of our lives we waste so much time trying to work it out for ourselves. Feeling confused that there must be a better way. We try to reinvent the wheel. Being a salon owner is one of the loneliest places to be – and we think we should know all the answers.

It’s crazy.


I’ve never been an original thinker but I don’t need to be. If I see someone experiencing some success, happiness or a result that I’m interested in, then I ask them how they did it.

Showing what some may see as vulnerability by admitting you don’t know something is actually a beautiful show of strength. There is a ridiculous amount I don’t know about just about everything. But I want to find out.

It shows you don’t give a fuck about what others think. You’ll not be held back by the fear that most people feel. It shows that you know that to be better you need to learn more. Learn more to be more.

And I want to be more. And I will be more. I don’t care what anyone thinks.

How about you?


As time has gone on I accept less and less unsolicited influence into my mind. I now choose what I allow in. And when it comes to important things – I seek and take advice ONLY from people that have been where I want to go or are experts I relate to in their field.

Why waste any time with anything other that totally positive influences?

Muhammad Ali had a mentor.

Tiger Woods has a coach every day.

The top CEO’s have mentors for every area of their lives.

The top icons in our industry will have had mentors.

Smart people allow other people help them be more.

Really successful people are always learning. I know this because I know successful people and I study successful people. I try to surround myself with successful people.

And I have mentors. In fact I have spent around £40,000 in the last 2 years on mentors.

A lot of money. Worth every penny for me.


I’ll be bold here and say –

You need a mentor.

You don’t need to spend money on your mentors, just seek out the guy or girl who has done what you want to do. Is living the way you want to live. Affecting people and the world in a way that you totally admire.

Someone exceptional. 

Then ask if they would consider giving you a little of their time because you’d like to learn about what, how and why they do what they do. About how they think, about the books they read, about who has influenced them the most.

Fuck, I’m getting excited writing this – my fingers can’t type fast enough. This will take you to levels – deep down – you knew you could reach – but just forgot about. Don’t be afraid of what you can achieve. This will help you be the best you, experience the potential of your amazing life, help you become an amazing influence in other people’s lives.

BE the powerful beautiful human you are meant to be.

Find a mentor to help you through whatever you’re going through right now. To create the life you want.


I could be your mentor. If you like what I say and want to explore your possibilities then let’s talk. I work with a small number of exceptional people each year, to create strong business minds and happy people. But I’m definitely not for everyone.

If I’m not your guy, get yourself thinking about what having a personal, specific, focused and purposeful relationship with someone solely working to help you be the best you, could do for you. You won’t regret it.

Imagine what living fully expressed on purpose would feel like…


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